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Uplevel your blog strategy with ease

My low-tech blog has everything you need to better understand strategies as it relates to you, your blog and your online space presence.


Hello, I'm Georges

And I'm on mission to help you create and enjoy a profitable blog without the tech overwhelm!

Do you ever feel like technology is a maze you're constantly navigating?

Don't worry, you're not alone! Picture this: the thrill when everything finally clicks into place – that's where the real magic begins.

Imagine launching your blog without feeling overwhelmed, knowing that your site is ready to scale and be monetized!

That's what gets me going – pushing limits and finding simpler, smarter ways to tackle tech challenges. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, I'm on a mission to make your online journey smoother.

From teaching music for over a decade to guiding aspiring aviators as a flight instructor, I've always had an edge for breaking down complex concepts. Now, I'm channeling that passion into helping professionals like you overcome tech challenges.

Here's a fun fact: while I once dreamed of rocking on an electric guitar, life had other plans – leading me to become the Principal Trumpet at the Cape Town Opera House.

I’m sure you too have great stories and knowledge to share. Start blogging today!

Steph Essary

In the past, I have hired expensive designers to help me build websites for my business. Unfortunately, they never truly understood my vision and I was left frustrated, out of money and time. Georges took me from being technically challenged, to building a gorgeous site that I am immensely proud of.

Lisa Short

I looked into hiring a website developer to create something for me that would allow me to share courses. That would cost thousands of dollars.

Laurel Chiten

Georges is not only a master with WordPress, but also supports the overall vision of all my businesses. Because of his teaching and mentoring, I've been able to launch 7 websites including building a multi-lesson digital course from the ground up. It is rare to find a teacher like Georges, who gives 110%.

Alina Bartnett

Georges, you have changed my life with all the knowledge you have shared. From building a platform to many aspects of creating a product, courses, ebooks, masterclasses, workshops. Thank you for all your excellent support.

Jessica Gust

I discovered Georges in a mutual business group. He helped me create a sales page that looks amazing and I relaunched my membership. I couldn't have made this happen without his support. My only regret is not finding him sooner!

Charla Anderson

Even though I have used Canva over the years, Georges' short and methodical trainings showed many things I was unaware of, and even surprised by, available in the free version. His mostly 1-3 minute videos show each step, and are clearly labeled. Georges wins Best Teacher award from me!

Lisa Magiera

After just a few months of working with Georges, without having to pay thousands and outsource to vendors who never listen, we can now do it ourselves in a fraction of the time, AND our site now welcomes and inspires.

Maru Su

I have recreating a beautiful new bilingual website with Georges' help. He is a great teacher and shows you step by step how to create your pages. So if you are looking to create either your first website or membership Georges is the way to go.

Sally DiCesare

"Georges is a teacher at heart. He has a great way of making everything bite-sized. If I can do it, I swear, anybody can."

Lisa Balthaser

I just built my first course, it's up, it's running, I'm very happy with the way everything works, I cannot wait to get another one up though.

Jackie Simmons

Did it remove the tech block? Absolutely. I'm no longer intimidated by my own website. That's a big change.


Ways to get started

Create a smarter blog, one that’s profitable and ready to scale.

What's the KEY component of scaling a blog without overwhelm that most bloggers, entrepreneurs, and non-designers overlook? Starting with a pre-built blog that is S.M.A.R.T. (Scalable, Marketable, Adaptable, ROI-able & Time-savable).

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Optimize your WordPress Blog SEO ~ Get results every time.

Here’s one thing about SEO, E-VER-Y-ONE who has a website or a blog wants to know how to optimize content for search engines! Follow this checklist and get your blog posts Google-friendly every single time.

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Find the perfect digital product to generate income on your blog.

Do you have a digital product to sell on your blog? Or unsure which one to select and offer? Choose one of 19 creative digital product ideas and unlock the power to monetizing your blog.

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