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Low-Tech Strategies
for Retirepreneurs

(Retired & soon-to-retire Professionals)

Create a tech strategy that keeps you in control of your online business and lets you focus on your bottom line, without the overwhelm!

Hi There,

I'm Georges!

I help tech-shy retired and soon-to-be retired professionals use a low-tech strategy that makes it easier to navigate the online space
and enjoy newfound freedom and income as successful retirepreneurs.

Different Ways I can help you

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Get Unstuck

Feeling stuck or simply wondering what to do next? Answer a few simple questions and discover what you should focus on right now to move your online business forward.

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Get Results

Discover all my free and paid offers in one single place, arranged by price so that it is easy for you to find what you're looking for and get the results you want and deserve.

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Want to get on the fast track to results? Learn how done-for-you projects, one-on-one or group coaching sessions can help you support your retirepreneur's journey.

Latest from the blog

Uplevel your tech strategy with ease

My low-tech blog has everything you need to better understand tech strategies as it relates to you and your online space presence.

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