Georges Wansek - Digital Product Advisor

Say goodbye to tech challenges so you can fast-track to success!

Are you a Computer and Tech-shy Professional looking to Monetize your Expertise online with Digital Products?

Authors, poets, bloggers, speakers, retired professionals... you don't need experience or a large audience to have a successful online business — you need a product!

Hello, I'm Georges!

Your Digital Product Advisor

I'll help you take the guesswork out of digital products so you can...
Make them - Share them - Sell them.

There's no secret sauce to make your digital products a reality – it takes a smart & simplified system.

Here's my 3-Step System:

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There's a lot of confusing & conflicting information out there about digital products – choosing the right one starts with the right research so you can make decisions based on facts, not fear.

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You don't have to be an expert in everything, just ONE thing. Even if you *think* you can't, I make the creation stage simple using SMART Goals along with my proven solutions, templates & swipe files.

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We'll craft a marketing plan that's right for YOU & your audience as you begin to understand & explore the 3 Main Promotional Categories: Organic, Leveraged Audiences & Paid Opportunities

Isn't it time you FINALLY get that sellable digital product out there?

With an advisor to help you with Digital Products like:



Journals + Workbooks

Printable + Digital Art Collections

Courses + Mini-Courses

Worksheets + Templates

Audio + Video
Media Collections

Workshops + Webinars

Toolkits +
Swipe Files

Online Communities + Memberships

Get started strong & sell...

Resources to help you on your journey

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Guide to Ebooks that Sell

Create eBooks that sell in any market without needing copywriting skills!

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Money Making Websites

19 Creative Digital Product ideas to make money with a website NOW

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Canva Shortcuts

60 Canva design tips & tricks available with Canva's FREE plan

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Create a Sellable eBook

... Skip The Guesswork, Look Over My Shoulders, And Fast-Track To Success!

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Get Published on Amazon

Kindle eBook Publishing Demystified - Your Ebook Published & Sold On Amazon!

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