SMART Website - 10 Stunning Designs Created by a Designer
SMART Website

10 Stunning Recent SMART Website Designs Created by a Designer

January 17, 2024 ◊ By Georges Wansek

10 Stunning Recent SMART Website Designs Created by a Designer

Starting a website, a blog, a membership site, an online course, even a digital product funnel with a SMART Website opens the doors for almost unlimited possibilities. It’s even better when you collaborate with an amazing copywriter/designer for your site. Now you really get your site to stand out with your own and unique brand and personality.

This is exactly what I wanted to put to the test by collaborating with my friend Kim Paul. Her unique combination of copywriting AND graphic designer skills combined with the Pre-built SMART Website I created makes it perfect for delivering websites, blogs, memberships, courses, funnels, etc. with a fast turnaround time.

We’ve tested multiple collaboration formulas before settling for a concept that uses the tried-and-tested VIP Day sessions and it’s been a huge success! I’ve called it Website-by-the-DAY™. It’s clearly the BEST way to deliver results FAST.

It works like this:

  1. You hop on a call with me and a graphic designer / copywriter
  2. A week later, you review your website copy
  3. A week later, you review your website design
  4. Then, you pick a day and follow along as your website comes to life in one day

Best of all, you can start with any of these options:

  • 1-DAY Website™
  • 1-DAY BlogTM or Blog by the DAY™
  • 1-DAY Funnel™
  • 1-DAY Online Course™
  • 1-DAY Membership™
  • 1-DAY Coaching Site™

…and expand at any time BECAUSE the pre-built SMART Website is already pre-configured for all the bells and whistles.
This way, we can deliver GREAT RESULTS and give our audience a quick, absolute win.

Let’s take a look at 10 Stunning Recent SMART Website Designs!

1/ The Amazing Balance International Group

Designed by Kim Paul, Built by Georges Wansek

SMART Website

The Amazing Balance is a company run by Joyce Nyairo, a health and nutritionist coach who infuses her cultural richness & unique perspective to enrich the lives of others with nutrition that feeds the mind, body & soul. The site focuses on discovering the language of nutrition and wellbeing.

The first things that stand out are the bright and vibrant colors and professional photographer’s pictures.

A simple and well laid-out homepage funnels visitors to a single offer: a health assessment with Joyce. In addition, there is a lead generation funnel that invites visitors to discover the magic of a quick & easy daily health tonic and help Joyce grow her email list.

2/ Energy First Aid Academy

Designed by Kim Paul, Built by Georges Wansek

SMART Website

Darielle Archer is the holistic coach podcaster behind the Energy First Aid Academy. The first impression when scrolling through the homepage is a sensation of ‘WOW’... The beautiful brand colors and vibrant images instantly draw you into wanting more.

Strategically located half-way down the page is a section to engage with Darielle’s one-on-one coaching sessions with offers that can be booked right from within the page, including a discovery session.

Darielle is also a published author and has displayed her books with a link to purchase them on Amazon, which creates instant authority.

The blog is nicely laid out and branded to create engagement. The website also houses her lead generation and sales funnels as well as her online courses and membership. Content is easily accessed by members through a login link in the navigation.

3/ Forgive 432

Designed by Kim Paul, Built by Georges Wansek

SMART Website - 9

What an interesting website, very niched with a clear message that stands out: The Healing Power of FORGIVENESS, A Biblical Approach to Mend a Broken Spirit in the Modern World.

Simion Nyairo is a forgiveness coach with a mission. His site is simple yet his message resonates clearly throughout the homepage.

The colors are bright, very well contrasted, the content is nicely laid out which makes it easy to read.

As with most websites, Simion offers a “Freebie” in the form of a Forgiveness Devotional to build his email list.

4/ Sunbeam Assisted Living Home

Designed by Kim Paul, Built by Georges Wansek

SMART Website - 6

Judith Nwakanma has a physical location business that provides assisted living care. Besides the photo at the top of the page that is very reassuring, there is one other thing that stands out: the navigation. It is strategically located at the bottom of the top section of the website and sticks to the top of the page when you scroll down.

In addition, this is a one-page website where the navigation links redirect to different parts of that one page. It’s a smart way to lay out content on a single page, yet to elevate the website with a navigation.

The pictures blend very well with the brand, a combination of Safety Orange and a metallic blue/green.

Since it’s a physical location, it is easy to find how to contact the facility, the phone number and the email address are clearly displayed on the page.

5/ Éducation Somatique

Designed by Kim Paul, Built by Georges Wansek

SMART Website - 15

The Regroupement pour l'Éducation Somatique is a Canadian non-profit organization whose main purpose is to promote its members. The website is in French with a header that incorporates a slideshow in the background. You instantly know what the site is about.

What’s unique about this website is that it incorporates a directory. Members can promote their online or in-person classes and visitors can search available classes.

The message is clear and leads visitors to a page where they can browse through the different activities members have to offer.

6/ Prince Emmanuel All Nations SDA Church

Designed by Kim Paul, Built by Georges Wansek

SMART Website

The Prince Emmanuel All Nations SDA Church is a religious website that promotes the church’s activities.

What I like is the ability to watch the latest sermons right from the homepage video gallery that is automatically synced to the church’s Youtube channel and updated automatically.

The church offers a lot of activities that are also easy to find through a beautifully branded event calendar. Further down the page, you will find two ways to contact the church, one to start your Online Bible Study, the other to request a prayer, keeping their members engaged.

7/ Julie Bockarie

Designed by Kim Paul, Built by Georges Wansek

SMART Website - 5

Julie Bockarie is a life strategist, coach, mediator, speaker and author who brings counseling and mediation experience to help guide women through life's transitions.

The homepage has everything a coach needs:

  • The latest blog posts. There is also a blog page and each blog post has a lead generation banner at the bottom to invite visitors into booking a discovery session with Julie. Sessions can be booked without leaving the site.
  • Digital products such as templates and ebooks with links to purchase them on Amazon. A great way to build authority
  • A way for Julie to grow her email list with an opt-in form to access a freebie she offers.

A clever offer comes sliding into the page as you scroll down with a link to a $9 offer. This is a very nice way to offer an entry-level digital product and invite visitors to become paying customers right away with an affordable offer.

A beautiful logo is reused throughout the site, strengthening the personal brand.

8/ Menopause Support Academy

Designed by Kim Paul, Built by Georges Wansek

SMART Website - 4

Dilyana Mileva is a sleep expert, menopause coach, breathwork and yoga teacher and international speaker. She is also the host of the Menopause Make Easy Podcast. In addition to being offered on traditional podcast platforms, her episodes are available on her website through a podcast page that keeps them sorted out by dates. I love how this feature instantly gives her authority. It is also a smart way to create content on a platform you own, your website.

When you open up her website, the instant picture of a woman in the background with a white color overlay is very soothing and inviting. It also makes her message stand out.

There are multiple ways visitors can enter Dilyana’s world through lead generation opt-in forms, an invitation to join her private Facebook group, or book a discovery coaching session.

Her website also has a speaker page to promote her activity as a speaker.

9/ Signings by Marion

Designed by Kim Paul, Built by Georges Wansek

SMART Website - 3

You are instantly drawn into Marion’s notary world. The logo, the brand colors with a combination of a deep rich red and black, and the video in the background all clearly paint the pictures of what to expect.

What is surprising though, is that not only Marion offers the traditional notary services that most of us are used to, she also offers mobile notary services. When you navigate through her site, you are going to find that it is easy to book Marion’s mobile service and pay directly on the website. Very clever.

A simple yet very effective website that clearly shows the potential of how you can use a website to promote all kinds of services.

10/ Lynn Bromley

Designed by Kim Paul, Built by Georges Wansek

SMART Website - 7

Lynn Bromley may be mostly known in the State of Maine where she was elected in 2000 to the Maine State Senate. She served four terms and was later appointed to the Obama Administration as New England’s Small Business Advocate. She is also the author of "On The Path To Justice - The Dangerous Myth of Empowerment for Women".

Her website is what we would consider an author’s website where you can purchase either a digital version of her book or the hard copy. I like how Lynn offers a signed copy of her book.

Her website is simple, yet it has everything an author needs:

  • A homepage with authority (Amazon best seller, Four Term Maine State Senator, New England’s Small Business Advocate, appointed to the Obama Administration)
  • A book funnel that make it easy to purchase her book
  • A way for Lynn to grow her email list by inviting visitors to join her community

What stands out is Lynn’s personal brand and pictures provided by a professional photographer.

These 10 websites showcase the power of a SMART Website that is strategically built and custom-crafted for growth to meet your evolving needs. We don’t use generic templates or cookie-cutter website copy. We craft digital engines that drive real, measurable results.

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6 thoughts on “10 Stunning Recent SMART Website Designs Created by a Designer”

  1. Hey Georges how does the smart website system fit into what I have already purchased? I haven’t started building my membership site as yet.

    1. Hi Ed, your website is essentially a SMART Website. You can add the membership at any time, you have access to the membership training material. Reach out if you need guidance. I can’t wait to see your new membership.

  2. Gorgeous sites and love the blog post, Georges! And your ending brand statement, “We craft digital engines that drive real, measurable results.”

    I shall share now!

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