3 questions: ask yourself before you create a sellable eBook
sellable ebook

3 significant questions to ask yourself before you create a sellable eBook

January 21, 2023 ◊ By Georges Wansek

3 significant questions to ask yourself before you create a sellable eBook

I recently created the Guide to Ebooks that Sell. If you have not downloaded it yet, you can get your copy here.

In the ebook, I talk about the simple 3-Step framework that not only works for the creation of ebooks but that can be applied for any digital product, or actually any type of product.

Creating an ebook and/or a digital product is a process. As I go through the different steps or stages of that process, I realize that there are three questions that have to be answered in order to position our eBook for success.

Let’s talk about the process first.

There are many elements that are addressed as part of the eBook creation - the title, the cover, the content, the description, the marketing material and copy, etc…

That seems like a lot of material. So, how do we stay on point for a home run?

We’ve all heard about the traditional Golden Circle ‘Why, What, How’ framework and how it can be applied in business. That could definitely be the case here, and I needed to tweak it a little bit to suit the three questions that came to my mind.

Question 1: What does your audience need and want?

It definitely starts here. If we want to create a sellable ebook, we need to make sure that it is helping our audience. We have to know what it is that they want, need, and what problems they’re having that we can help them solve.

Question 2: Why does your audience need it and want it?

This is an important question as it relates to the end goal, that is, to the end reason as to why they want or need what we have to offer.

Let’s take an example, and let’s use the sellable ebook as the example: you might want to create a sellable ebook (that answers question #1), but why do you want or need to create a sellable ebook?

  • To create additional income,
  • To create an easy to sell low-priced digital product,
  • To test your marketplace interest
  • etc…

Gathering the WHY is important and you can see how it definitely helps in crafting compelling copy.

Question 3: What is it going to do for your audience once they get it?

Another crucial question to ask ourselves is what is it going to do for them? It relates to the transformation they are going to experience after they have put into application the content of the ebook.

In other words:

  • What’s going to change for them?
  • What are they going to experience in terms of feelings, emotions, etc.?
  • What is it they are going to be able to do that they couldn’t do before?

When we answer those 3 questions, we are on the right track to positioning our ebook (or digital product) for success.

As you can imagine, I had to wrap those three questions in a framework and name it. I am calling it the Triple W Framework:

  • What does your audience need and want?
  • Why does your audience need it and want it?
  • What is it going to do for them once they get it?

Where can we find the answers to those 3 questions?

We find the answers when we do research at the beginning of the eBook creation process, before we even start crafting a title or any type of content. And let’s keep in mind that this process also applies to any type of digital products.

If you haven’t downloaded the "Guide to Ebooks that Sell" get your copy here >>

And leave me a comment, how relevant and helpful do you think these questions are?

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