A unique Holistic Wellness approach to empower musicians
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A unique Holistic Wellness approach to empower musicians: Meet Michel

A unique Holistic Wellness approach to empower musicians: Meet Michel

Do you remember that one teacher or person who changed everything for you? For me, that person is Michel Ricquier. Michel and I go way back. He was my trumpet teacher when I was 15 years old. But Michel is not just a trumpet teacher; he's a visionary, a mentor, and a true friend. His holistic wellness approach, enriched by his studies in psychology, sophrology, and traditional Chinese medicine, has been a true game-changer for countless musicians throughout his career. Now fully retired, he seamlessly transitioned into the digital realm, where his dedication to empowering musicians continues in the form of online courses and automated systems. Let me take you on a journey through the remarkable life of Michel Ricquier, a man whose passion for teaching music has touched countless lives, including mine.

From the moment I met Michel at age 15, Michel became my guide into the world of music. But he was not your ordinary teacher; fascinated by the brain's power and alternative methods to enhance musical prowess, Michel loved to spread his research knowledge and discoveries to make sure his students got the best learning experience possible. His teaching wasn't confined to scales, concertos and excerpts; he believed in relaxation techniques, the art of visualization, breathing techniques and self-hypnosis to improve as a musician. He connected mind-body to musical performance.

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His amazing method to get rid of stage fright became legendary. He empowered musicians to not only master their instruments but also to play on stage with confidence. For having experienced first-hand the benefits of his method, I can tell you that this makes a world of difference for classical musicians.

After four decades of shaping musicians and minds, Michel retired. However, his desire to help other musicians continued to thrive. Rejecting offers to speak at seminars, it became time for him to find a new way to share his knowledge without leaving home.

You can imagine what happened next. It was my time and an honor to help Michel transition into the online space. With my support, Michel took his knowledge and turned it into multiple digital courses, spreading his expertise to a more global audience of musicians. No more travel, no more stage appearances at symposiums, just retired but still eager to make a difference.

Today, Michel's legacy thrives online through well-crafted Facebook ad campaigns, self-liquidating offers and email follow-up sequences. His SMART Website serves as a hub for musicians looking to improve and master their instrumental or vocal techniques and get rid of stage fright forever. And now that his online courses have been translated from French to English, he soon intends to expand his outreach to a much bigger audience.

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Michel's success is no accident. His niche which focuses on classical musicians, together with his transformative and innovative method, has brought him the online education success that he deserves. His SMART Website isn't just a platform either; it's a hub to continue his legacy and help musicians improve their potential.

As I reflect on the profound impact Michel has had, both on countless lives, including mine, and in his smooth transition to 100% online teaching after his retirement, I'm reminded of the power of his legacy—a legacy that continues to inspire and uplift musicians on a daily basis.

​Click here to discover Michel's SMART Website >>​

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