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Beyond the Noise – How to establish Brand Authority in 2024 and beyond

January 24, 2024 ◊ By Georges Wansek

Beyond the Noise – How to establish Brand Authority in 2024 and beyond

In the busy online world, the concept of "brand authority" often seems like an elusive ideal, lost in an ocean of social media chatter and content overload. The digital landscape is saturated with everyone competing for attention, making it challenging to get noticed and trusted. "Brand authority" sounds fancy, but if you’re like me, it feels like it has become hard to figure out who to really trust, AND, if you're starting out online, it can feel like nobody sees you.

The Social Media Dilemma

With tons of people sharing stuff on social media, standing out is really hard. So, how do we rise above the noise and establish brand authority?

Here are my three proven strategies to cut through the noise in 2024 and beyond.

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1. Own your own space: A website

The best way to think about a website is to think of it as our online home. It's a place we control, away from the chaos of social media. A website is like the headquarters of our online presence, capturing readers' attention and providing a space where we can deliver value, thus strengthening our personal brand and, in turn, establishing brand authority.

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2. Harness the Power of Blogging

Blogging emerges as a formidable ally in the quest for brand authority, it’s like having our own newspaper column.

Similar to the authority attributed to authors of books, consistent blogging positions bloggers as experts in their niche. The beauty lies not just in the content creation but in its shareability across multiple social media platforms, directing traffic back to our blog and keeping readers engaged amidst the social media noise.

And here’s the cool part, with simple yet very effective SEO practices, blogs continue to generate organic traffic long after their initial publication.

And who doesn’t like free (organic) traffic?

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3. Cultivate an Engaged Email List

A robust relationship with an engaged email list is a cornerstone for building brand authority. In other words, imagine having a group of friends who really like what you share. That's what an email list is like.

Subscribers who value our content not only provide a dedicated audience but also enhance the trust in our personal brand. An engaged email list is a reservoir of individuals who actively seek the value we offer, strengthening our authority in the long run.

I really want to emphasize the term “engaged” here. Very often I hear “people” worry about engaging with their email list, afraid that they’ll get too many unsubscribers (note, I usually don’t like to use the word “people” as it can be too broad, but I’ll use it in this context).

The reality is that we can’t be afraid of subscribers unsubscribing from our email list. We simply need to focus on providing value, creating engagement and cultivating the relationship with our audience and building a strong brand authority.

If you are wondering what I use to combine all three strategies, let me introduce you to the S.M.A.R.T. Website.

It’s a pre-built “superhero” website ready to be customized and branded, that not only hosts our content but includes a blog, acting as the pillar for our brand authority. With its lead generation opt-ins, it seamlessly facilitates the growth of our email list, a crucial component in strengthening our brand.

And that’s just the foundation of the S.M.A.R.T. Website, in fact, it is more like a powerhouse that includes funnels, landing pages, a shop with payment solutions, online courses and membership capabilities, and even a simple way to offer coaching programs with integrated scheduling.

In conclusion 

In the noisy space of the digital world, building brand authority requires strategic moves that cut through the clutter. As we navigate 2024 and beyond, we have to remember that our website, blogging adventures, and a growing engaged email list can be our secret weapons.

Curious, what strategies do you use to build your personal brand authority?

Share your insights in the comments, your experiences might just be what someone else needs on their journey to establishing brand authority.

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