Blogging and social media - How to optimize your visibility
blogging and social media

Blogging and social media – How to optimize your visibility

March 27, 2024 ◊ By Georges Wansek

Blogging and social media – How to optimize your visibility

There is a recurrent theme amongst many in the online space, new and more seasoned ‘entrepreneurs’, trying to get seen online: they struggle to stand out. I hear questions too often. They're not sure if they should focus on blogging or social media. Many feel unsure of which directions they should go, of what is going to work for them. They have a sensation of being lost with no clear direction, but frustration. I’ve said it and keep saying it again, the online space is noisy and bombarded daily with tons of content. But imagine a world where these problems disappear. Picture a place where your voice can be heard, where people pay attention to what you say. How do we get there? By mixing blogging and social media together smartly, we can make sure our message reaches the right audience in a more effective way without feeling overwhelmed.

Is blogging better than posting on social media?

  • The debate continues and it is a valid question. Should we focus on blogging or social media? It's a tough call, and many feel torn between the two.

How do we leverage the power of both blogging and social media?

  • Even if we decide to tackle both, the question remains: how do we effectively combine the two for maximum impact?

How do we get our content seen?

  • It's frustrating to devote time and effort into creating content, only to have it buried under a pile of digital clutter. Let’s face it, social media can feel like shouting into the void, with content being diluted and lost so rapidly.

Let’s take a look at both blogging and social media content creation independently and how we can harness the power of combining both of them to optimize our visibility online.

blogging and social media

Blogging alone

Blogging has its perks. We get to keep all our content in one organized place, a place we own and control. It makes it easy for readers to find what they are looking for and explore. However, without a solid strategy to attract traffic, it can be challenging to get our content in front of new eyes. There are so many blogs with amazing content that rarely get seen. Optimizing our content for search engines (SEO) is key, but it's a long-term game that requires patience and perseverance. It isn’t a quick overnight ‘post and get seen’ solution.

While blogging offers a centralized platform for content, getting noticed can be an uphill battle without additional traffic optimization strategies.

blogging and social media

Posting on Social Media alone

Social media is a busy marketplace of ideas, and as such it's also incredibly noisy. Keeping up with the high pace of content creation can feel like a full-time job. And even then, posts risk being buried and forgotten very quickly.

Have you ever tried to search for content you had seen previously and not be able to find it? I know it happens to me regularly.

As a result, if we want our social media content to be seen, we need to be posting often, sometimes multiple times a day. If we stop posting on social media, we lose visibility, unless we activate a plan to repurpose existing content.

Relying solely on social media content for visibility demands constant effort and vigilance, making sustainability a challenge.

blogging and social media

Combining Blogging and Social Media

Why choose between blogging and social media when we can have the best of both worlds?

By sharing our blog content directly on social media platforms, we amplify our reach and drive traffic back to our blog. This is the best solution in my opinion, leveraging the power and benefits of both blogging and social media.

Additionally, if we incorporate a hashtag strategy when we share our blog posts, we can further boost visibility and engagement across platforms.

How cool is that?

The synergy between blogging and social media offers a winning formula for maximizing visibility, ensuring our content gets the attention it deserves.

But why stop there?

Want to supercharge the synergy between blogging and social media?

Here’s my optimal solution.

Let’s take things even further by repurposing our social media posts (initially shared from blog posts) into targeted ad campaigns. By reaching both our existing audience (with retargeting ads) and new potential followers (with cold traffic ads), we supercharge our visibility and unlock even greater results. The process is simple, fairly inexpensive, it is simply the best way to optimize blogging and social media for maximum visibility.

Embracing both blogging and social media is the ultimate strategy for getting our voices heard in the crowded online landscape.

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