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Georges Wansek Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing KDP surveyΔWould you be interested in a course on how to publish your ebook on Amazon KDP? Absolutely No need for it Maybe, why notComment First Name Email Submit Form Copyright © 2023 Georges Wansek • All Rights Reserved

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Georges Wansek Feel like your online business dream will never come true? Join the #doitsimpleclub for short emails every Wednesday to help you simplify, take the load off, grow successfully and simply turn your dream into reality. Congratulations on joining the #doitsimpleclub


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Georges WansekDigital Product Advisor In my “Ebooks That Sell” ebook, I talked about alignment and covered the Research Phase. This is that section in action – for YOU and for me. Before you can set S.M.A.R.T. goals, you need to assess where you are to align yourself with what you want. And before you create …

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Georges WansekDigital Product Advisor Money Making Websites 19 Creative Digital Product Ideas to Make Money with a Website NOW The [60] Canva Shortcuts 60 Canva Design Tips & Tricks Available With Canva’s FREE Plan Create a Sellable eBook … Skip The Guesswork, Look Over My Shoulders, And Fast-Track To Success! Kindle Publishing Demystified Learn How …

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