Cracking the Code for Fast SEO Results: Boost your Visibility
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Cracking the Code for Fast SEO Results: How to Boost your Visibility with a Blog

January 10, 2024 ◊ By Georges Wansek

Cracking the Code for Fast SEO Results: How to Boost your Visibility with a Blog

Have you ever wondered how you can get fast SEO results, and boost your visibility and authority in today’s noisy online space?

Yes, noisy!

I don’t know about you, but I often feel overwhelmed online. In a world that is saturated with information and visuals, it can be a challenge to sift through what is really of interest and what is just an ocean of distraction. That’s the conversation I had with Jouhayna a couple of months ago during the holiday season.

Jouhayna, one of my French clients/friends, reached out to me to add a blog to her website. I say ‘friend’ because one of the benefits of one-on-one clients is the potential for great connections and long-lasting friendships.

She was very specific as to why she wanted a blog on her website. After engaging with her audience and with her network of friends and collaborators on how to grow her business through partnerships, she realized she needed a blog for a few specific reasons:

  1. To create and grow content on HER website and not be 100% dependent from social media platforms
  2. To build authority in her niche and create networking opportunities
  3. To use SEO as a way to position content that can be searched organically

Let’s look at Jouhayna’s requests and WHY a blog is the answer to those objectives.

Content hosted on a blog versus social media platforms

Let’s face it, content created on social media platforms gets diluted and is often hard to find and refer to. It gets lost and forgotten.

Content that lives on a blog is easy to refer to. It is centralized in one place. In addition, how many stories have we heard about social media accounts being hacked?

YOUR blog is yours, it cannot be taken away from you. That doesn’t mean we need to forget the impact that social media platforms have, however, with a click of a button, it is easy to share blog content to most social platforms. You get the best of both worlds.

Building authority and creating new opportunities with a blog

By engaging with her network to create new collaborative opportunities, Jouhayna realized that potential partners would go to her website and then would tell her that she didn’t have much content, some of them would even ask her specifically “where is your blog?”

Even today in a world where most solopreneurs grow a following on social media platforms, depending on your niche and marketplace, having a blog site with substance and relevant content WILL give you an advantage. Blogs are often viewed as books, if it’s printed, written by authors, it has value. People look at bloggers with instant authority and it WILL open closed doors.

The everlasting SEO results.

SEO is the #1 question I get asked when creating websites for clients. AND, there’s no better way to get SEO results than with a blog. Here’s why:

  • Search engines are looking for relevance to match search intents and search results
  • A single page on a website is usually optimized for one keyword that is relevant to the content of that page
  • So, to create multiple SEO opportunities, you simply have to create more content on your website. How do you consistently create more content? With a blog.

It’s that simple!

Every blog post is a new opportunity to put content into the world that is optimized for search engines with specific keywords. Not to mention that content created on your blog will continue to yield SEO results forever.

You can imagine that Jouhayna did not have to convince me to help her with the addition of a blog to her site. We got to work, and within a few hours, her newly branded blog was live! She already had a few posts ready, she pre-dated a few, et voila.

When we built her website a couple of years ago, we used the Pre-Built S.M.A.R.T. Website that I've created. Because of this, it was easy to add a few bells and whistles, such as a nice “Related posts” module, a branded opt-in form that automatically display at the bottom of each of her blog posts so that her visitors can sign-up for her newsletter.  We also designed a customized layout using a page builder, so that it is easy for Jouhayna to create new blog posts.

After her blog was live, we spent some time diving into what it takes to optimize blog content for SEO.

Wondering how to get fast SEO Results and boost your visibility with a blog?

Without getting too technical (which could be the subject of another post), here’s my quick checklist:

  • Research relevant keywords. Identify relevant keywords and phrases that align with your content and are frequently searched by your target audience.
  • Craft blog posts with valuable content that not only incorporate your chosen keywords but also provide meaningful insights, solutions, or entertainment to your audience. Google's algorithms increasingly prioritize content that addresses user intent and provides a positive user experience.
  • Optimize On-Page Elements, such as titles, sub-titles, meta description, etc. Ensure that your target keywords are strategically placed in these elements to enhance search engine visibility.
  • Use an SEO tool that helps you optimize your content.

When you do that, you’ll be well on your way to get results like this!

seo results
Green Light indicates that a post is optimized
All SEO indicators are in the green
All SEO indicators are in the green
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