Ebooks are selected the #1 high-demand digital product
digital product

Ebooks are selected the #1 high-demand digital product to sell online

December 26, 2022 ◊ By Georges Wansek

Ebooks are selected the #1 high-demand digital product to sell online

This came as almost no surprise to me. As I’ve been unpacking the advantages and benefits of eBooks as digital products lately, I received an email from one of the online services I use (ConvertKit) with a link to their post about 17 high-demand ecommerce physical and digital product ideas to sell online.

digital product

And the #1 on their list is…



I sometimes receive online data with caution. I like to know how surveys are conducted or what is the foundation of the information being relayed so I can get a better appreciation and accuracy of what I'm reading.

In this case, ConvertKit’s statement simply supports a survey I recently conducted about the exact same topic: digital products!

And, to my surprise at the time that I ran the survey, eBooks came in #1 position.

But when I think about it now, it makes perfect sense.

According to ConvertKit's article:

"Writing an ebook might feel overwhelming—but it’s easier than you might think."

Absolutely, you’ve read in my previous posts 9 Reasons Why eBooks Are Perfect Digital Products, there are key aspects of eBooks that need to be accomplished properly, however, with a clear framework, writing and creating an ebook is fairly simple.

"Ebooks are great for sharing your expertise on almost any topic, or curating other peoples’ knowledge in a central location."

This is one of the strong benefits of eBooks. It feels like almost every creator, solopreneur, coach, author…. should have at least one ebook if not multiple in his/her digital products suite.

"In fact, many ebooks you’ll find online are just compilations of blog content and social media posts the author has already shared, only expanded to include more detail."

Another strong benefit of ebooks and overall online strategy we often talk about - 'repurposing' content. It can be done both ways:

  • Having content that is repurposed into an eBook
  • Having an eBook and extracting content to write blog and/or social media posts.

The article also raises the question everyone is asking: "Can I really make a sustainable income online selling ebooks?"

ConvertKit uses a couple of success stories that highlight how one author ended up selling nearly 1,000 copies of his eBook in the first six days after launch, or how another author self-published three ebooks in only 6 months.

Behind those successes, we have to remember that writing and creating an eBook is not enough to guarantee its success. There are other factors involved such as marketing, audiences, launch strategies, etc... But it definitely shows the possibilities.

And finally, we can’t forget that ebooks can be turned into real printed books.

Do you think that self-publishing and printing can be overwhelming?

I thought so too, and before I came across ConvertKit’s article, I had already started doing my own research and testing.

And guess what?

I discovered that connecting my website to a self-publishing/printing service was easier than I initially thought.

It came down to this:

  • Open an account with an on-demand printing service
  • Upload the eBook
  • Connect the on-demand printing service to the website
  • Create a ‘book’ product on the website

That’s it!

After that is done, anyone can order a printed version of the eBook on the website. It then gets sent to print and shipped directly by the printing company.

I tested it and it worked beautifully. I received my hardcopy book (magazine style) last week in the mail.

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Curious, what has your experience been with self-publishing and on-demand printing? Is it something that is of interest to you?

Let me know in the comments below.

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