Elisa's inspiring journey: How to find Hope In Cancer & Grief

Elisa’s inspiring journey: How to find Hope In Cancer & Grief

Elisa’s inspiring journey: How to find Hope In Cancer & Grief

Meet Elisa: A Grief Guide and beacon of hope.

Dr. Elisa Everts believes there’s hope after loss. Elisa’s journey began with the loss of her sibling at a young age. — a heartbreak that brought on depression, anxiety and even suicidal tendencies. Yet, a pivotal moment came when she was supporting a friend through her battle with cancer. From this experience, a spark of hope paved the way for her own healing journey as she battled a stage 4 cancer diagnosis in 2020.

Embracing Hope and Empowerment

Today, as a speaker, author and grief coach, she is committed to providing that “beacon of hope” to empower others as they rewrite their own life stories during and after cancer and grief.

A Revitalized Online Presence

Elisa’s previous website wasn’t meeting her needs for functionality, ease of use or engagement. It helped her get started online, but she knew she needed an upgrade. She recently enrolled in the SMART Blog Beta program. In less than two weeks, Elisa has a brand new blog that she loves. It reflects her branding beautifully and is incredibly user-friendly.

What truly sets Elisa’s new blog apart is its solid blogging platform designed to make it easier for her to post regularly and for her visitors to engage with the articles. Additionally, Elisa has incorporated a more inviting subscription form throughout her site and on each post.

I absolutely love her inviting copy:

“Find Hope & Support in Your Inbox. Facing cancer or grief can feel isolating. But there is hope! Sign up now to receive inspiring stories, practical tips and valuable resources to help you find strength and move forward. Subscribe today and start your journey of hope!”

How beautifully said!


Join Elisa’s community of hope & healing

Elisa wants her new blog to be more than just a website; she is creating a platform for hope, healing and community. Whether you are personally grieving, navigating the challenges of cancer, or in a position to support someone who is, I invite you to join Elisa on her journey as a Grief Guide to find a path forward filled with hope.

Congratulations Elisa, I wish you success as you continue to empower others to rewire their stories during and after cancer and grief.

Click here to visit Elisa’s new SMART Blog, elisaeverts.com >>

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