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Get 100 New Subscribers In as little as 7 Days

Even if

You’re starting from scratch, have no existing email list, nowhere to collect email addresses, no website, no Facebook page AND no lead magnet.

Warning: This is NOT your average course!

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This is a step-by-step follow along Real-Time experience where I went through the process each day for 7 days and released the recordings on a daily basis to a group of beta testers so to speak. They absolutely loved it.

Today, you get the opportunity to access an over-the-shoulder experience as I took daily actions to add 100 subscribers to my email list.

See, most of the time, we (as marketers/teachers/coaches etc…) have an upper hand. We can create content ahead of time and make edits before we release a course. BUT, do we really put ourselves in the trenches with our students and actually DO THINGS REAL TIME? Not very often.

That’s what I did.

I’d like to invite you to experience the ‘Instant email List - Get 100 New Subscribers In 7 Days’ — A Real Time Over-the-Shoulder Program

Here’s my promise to you:

  • You get daily action steps for 7 days
  • You keep lifetime access to the recordings
  • You will jump start your email list if you complete the daily steps and you will get 100 subscribers in 7 days
    How cool is that?

This mini-program is for you even if you have:

  • No lead magnet
  • No website
  • No email list
  • No platform to collect email addresses
  • No Facebook page

If you do have any of these, great, but if you don’t, you’re still in a great position for this program, yayyyy.

You can start with NOTHING, not even a lead magnet (you’ll do that on day 1 so YOU TOO can have the perfect lead magnet created in a short amount of time).

The best way to grow your email list is by investing in paid ads. You’re going to do it while keeping full control of your budget.

So how much should you plan to invest in ads?

  • A total budget of anywhere between $100 to $250 tops will get you to 100 subscribers. (Yes, I’ve seen campaigns bringing subscribers at less than $1 per subscriber…)

Take a look at this campaign results from one of the participants!

This one is in the health and wellness niche:
100 new subscribers at $0.92 for a total ad spend of $92.42

What happens after you get to 100 subscribers?

You can simply turn your campaign OFF with one click and not spend another dime. You can also continue to grow your list at a slower rate if you’d like, I’ll show you how to be in total control.

How do I get started?

You can start now and go through the daily content one day at a time.
This is an opportunity for you to take action and have me in your corner.


PS: 100 new subscribers added to your email list is better than none!

Get 100 New Subscribers In as little as 7 Days

You are going to LOVE this Get-It-Done course...

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Day 1: Create the perfect lead magnet

High converting Lead Magnet

Day 2: Create Privacy Policy, Ad copies & Graphics

Prepare a winning Ad Campaign

Day 3: Final Preparation for the Ad Campain

Setting up for success

Day 4: Create & Launch the Ad Campaign

Step-by-Step Checklist for easy setup

Day 5: Checking the campaign after 24 hours

Evaluate and adjust for best results

Day 6: Checking the campaign after 48 hours

Boost your campaign performance

Day 7: Optimizing to get to 100 subscribers

Time to celebrate

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Georges Wansek

As a platform and digital product expert, I provide training to students just like you who want to learn how to create income online. There’s no better way for me than to create and document processes in real time in order to help my audience overcome their challenges and get things done. This course does just that, real-time step-by-step processes that deliver the results you are looking for.

My hope is that this follow along course brings you clarity and motivates you to jumpstart and grow your audience with an email list.


Watch over my shoulders and GET IT DONE!

Jumpstart your email list or grow your existing one.

Here's everything you get today:

Real Time Process

Proven process, simply follow along at your own pace.


Recorded in chronological order, one step at a time.

Lifetime Access

Watch the course later to create more ebooks for sale.

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Instant email list

Get 100 New Subscribers In as little as 7 Days!

Even if you're starting from scratch, have no existing email list, nowhere to collect email addresses, no website, no Facebook page AND no lead magnet.

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