Kindle eBook Publishing Demystified - Georges Wansek

Kindle eBook Publishing Demystified

Learn how to get your eBook published and sold on Amazon KDP

... Skip the guesswork, fast-track to success to build instant authority and reach an audience worldwide!

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Learn How To Get Your eBook Published And Sold On Amazon KDP

Let's face it, there are many ways you can give yourself the expert status you deserve, but if you...

  • Want to establish authority in your market...

  • Want to showcase your expertise on a specific subject...

  • Want to build credibility and gain the trust of your audience...

  • Want a digital product that can easily be distributed online...

  • Want to stand out among your competition...

  • Want to establish yourself as a go-to resource in your niche...

An eBook Will Do All Of That For You!

Writing an ebook will boost your reputation and your professional profile, solidify your position as an influential figure within your marketplace, and can be a great source of income. 

Publish it on Amazon KDP and you instantly amplify these benefits

It only takes 5 simple steps to create and publish your ebook to Amazon

You are going to LOVE this Get-It-Done course...

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Create & Publish on Amazon KDP: Step #1

Prepare your eBook cover

The first step is taking your existing eBook cover and exporting it to a format that is suitable for Kindle devices. If you’re starting with only your manuscript, then you simply need to craft an eye-catching cover that entices readers to pick up your book. Remember, a striking cover can make all the difference in attracting potential readers and generating interest in your work.

step 2 - mockup

Create & Publish on Amazon KDP: Step #2

Collect your eBook images

Gather all the images you plan to use in your eBook, including illustrations, graphics, or photographs. Ensure that you have the necessary rights or permissions to use these images.

High-quality visuals can enhance your eBook's appeal and provide a more engaging reading experience.

In this course, I show you my best FREE software to collect, size and prepare your images for your eBook.

step 3 - mockup2

Create & Publish on Amazon KDP: Step #3

Pre-format your manuscript

Before diving into the final formatting, we need to ensure your manuscript is properly structured. This preliminary formatting step ensures a smoother process when you move on to the next crucial phase.

Pre-formatting and formatting can be a seemingly insurmountable challenge that haunts many people’s dreams.

In this course, you’ll learn my insider hack to overcome one of the most common formatting pitfalls with ease (Skip it and you’ll spend hours of frustration trying to format your eBook).

step 4 - mockup

Create & Publish on Amazon KDP: Step #4

Format your eBook for Kindle devices and E-readers

Ah, the pivotal step that many first-timers find daunting.

With the right tools and guidance, formatting your eBook can be a breeze. You’ll learn how to use a FREE specialized software to convert your pre-formatted manuscript into a Kindle-compatible eBook file that gracefully adapts to various e-reader devices.

You’ll learn how to adjust font styles, line spacing, and image placement to ensure a seamless reading experience across all platforms.

step 5 - mockup

Create & Publish on Amazon KDP: Step #5

Upload and publish your eBook on Amazon KDP

The moment you've been eagerly waiting for is here!

Head over to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), you’ll learn how to create your author account, and upload your beautifully formatted eBook, including all the little yet important details to guarantee your eBook’s appearance.

Hit that "Publish" button and witness your creation go live for readers worldwide to enjoy!

Congratulations, you are now a published author!

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Georges Wansek

As a platform and digital product expert, I provide training to students just like you who want to learn how to create income online. This course is the result of a PDF eBook I created about digital products and the requests I received afterwards to publish eBooks on Amazon KDP. There’s no better way for me than to create and document processes in real time in order to help my audience overcome their challenges and get things done.

My hope is that this follow along course brings you clarity and motivates you to create one of the most in-demand and simple-to-produce digital products and allow you to use the “Published on Amazon” status.


This course is the missing piece you've been looking for to embark on your journey as a self-published author!

Unlock your true potential as a published author with a beautifully formatted eBook you can be proud of.


What my students have to say


Energy Medicine Coach

Georges, you have changed my life with all the knowledge you have shared. From building a platform to many aspects of creating a product, courses, ebooks, masterclasses, workshops. Thank you for all your excellent support.

Alina B.


Transformational Coach

Georges is a teacher at heart. He has a great way of making everything bite-sized. If I can do it, I swear, anybody can.

Sally D.


Author - Speaker

Georges' short and methodical trainings showed many things I was unaware of. His videos show each step, and are clearly labeled. Georges wins Best Teacher award from me!

Charla A.

Here's everything you get today:

Real Time Process

Proven process, simply follow along at your own pace.


Recorded in chronological order, one step at a time.

Lifetime Access

Watch the course later to create more ebooks for sale.

Free Software Option

eBook formatting software options, including a FREE one.

Simple Tips & Tricks

Take what can be a complex project and make it fun.

Affordable Price

Recover your investment with a couple of your ebook sales.

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Kindle eBook Publishing Demystified

Get Your eBook Published On Amazon KDP!

Join the follow-along course to build instant authority and sell your eBook to a worldwide audience!

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