The real fear of running out of blog topics - The unseen hurdle
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The real fear of running out of blog topics – The unseen hurdle for new bloggers

May 29, 2024 ◊ By Georges Wansek

The real fear of running out of blog topics – The unseen hurdle for new bloggers

Starting a blog is an exciting journey filled with potential and creativity. However, one significant hurdle that many aspiring bloggers face is the fear of running out of blog topics. The fear of being unable to consistently create blog content with fresh ideas is real. My experience has been that sometimes, this unseen challenge may even prevent them from getting started on their blogging journey. If you’ve ever felt this way, you’re not alone. Many new bloggers struggle with this fear, and probably even more advanced bloggers as well. But when we take the time to look at this challenge more closely, we can find ways to overcome it.

The most common struggle: Getting started

Many aspiring bloggers share a common frustration: getting started. And with so many tech pitfalls waiting to trip them up at the beginning, I definitely think that the “getting started” phase can definitely feel challenging. When I ask future bloggers what’s preventing them from getting started, there is a consistent theme amongst their answers: the fear of not having enough content ideas or simply running out of ideas. This sentiment echoes the experience of countless would-be bloggers who deep down have a vast amount of knowledge and ideas to share but simply struggle to bring them to life.

The fear of running out of blog topics can be paralyzing. It feels like having a “fear” voice in the back of your mind that keeps on spreading doubts and causing hesitation.

What if you start strong but then run out of things to write about?
What if all your great blog ideas dry up after just a few posts?

Like fear in general, these fears can be powerful enough that they’ll prevent anyone from even beginning.

The challenge of sustained content creation is real

Another common concern I see aspiring bloggers experience is they wonder about their ability to consistently produce fresh and engaging content. Even though their concern may just be an imagination, it cannot be disregarded.

What if I can’t consistently create fresh content?
What if I get started and suddenly can’t sustain a decent rhythm of new valuable content creation?
What if? What if?

That little voice in the back of their mind spreading doubts. This fear of not being able to maintain a steady stream of content can be daunting.

Blogging requires not just one or two great ideas, but a continuous flow of content that keeps readers engaged and coming back for more. The pressure to deliver high-quality posts on a regular basis can feel overwhelming, especially for those just starting out. So much so that for some of them, it can even prevent them from getting started in the first place, even though they so much desire to start their blogging journey.

Overcoming fear: Strategies for success

So, how can one overcome the fear of running out of blog topics? What is ONE simple thing we can do to conquer this common hidden hurdle?

There are many things that we can do that are very effective to overcome this real challenge and actually get started as a blogger. But if I had to mention just one of them, it would be this one: repurposing.

Repurposing existing content is a very effective way to keep on coming up with great blog topics. Let’s think about it this way, every piece of content we create can be broken down into multiple sub-topics. And each of those sub-topics can lead to great stand-along blog posts. Think about content as layered ideas and new blog topics can be generated from each of these blog layers. This not only saves time but also helps get more mileage so-to-speak out of one single blog topic or content idea.

Let’s take 2 random examples to illustrate this strategy:

Example 1 initial blog topic idea: 5 tips to overcome the fear of starting a blog.

That would be a great blog post idea, right? And from this post, every single one of those tips could be repurposed as their own blog post and have a mini-series on the main idea, which is dealing with the fear of starting a blog.

Example 2 initial blog topic idea: The secret to making a tiramisu your guests will love

I’m guessing that in order to make a great tiramisu, it requires a few things, such as eggs, mascarpone, chocolate powder, maybe rhum and a magic touch (Ok, I have to confess, I love making tiramisu). Just from this article, don’t you think we could come up with a few more blog topics?

I can think of a few, like:

  • One on chocolate: maybe the various types of chocolate and how they can be used in different deserts
  • One on eggs: 5 great recipes with egg as the main ingredient
  • Another one with egg: Easy recipe for perfect poached eggs
  • One with liquor: How to swap wine, beer, and alcohol in any recipe

You see from these blog topics, any piece of content can be repurposed as its own stand-alone “new” topic.

The unseen hurdle for new bloggers

The fear of running out of blog topics is a common challenge, but the good news is that there are simple ways to overcome this real hurdle. By planning ahead, staying inspired, and engaging with your audience, you can overcome this hurdle and embark on a successful blogging journey. I would even say that it may simply be a matter of getting into the game to feel the excitement and have your creativity coming out of you.

Curious question

What about you? Have you faced the fear of running out of blog topics, blog content ideas? What strategies have you used to overcome it?

Share your experiences and tips in the comments below. Your insights could help fellow bloggers who are struggling with the same fears. Let’s turn those blogging dreams into reality.

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2 thoughts on “The real fear of running out of blog topics – The unseen hurdle for new bloggers”

  1. thanks, Georges. Lots to think about. Finding more time to create a blog on top of already full list of tasks to keep consistent to support clients. Good perspective.

    1. Georges Wansek

      You’re welcome Janie, the nice thing about blog is that the benefits remain for a long time, I believe it is worth the time it takes to create posts. Thank you for your comment.

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