This Membership Hub launched with ONE simple, yet effective feature - Georges Wansek
This Membership Hub Launched With ONE Simple, Yet Effective Feature

This Membership Hub launched with ONE simple, yet effective feature

November 25, 2022 ◊ By Georges Wansek

This Membership Hub launched with ONE simple, yet effective feature

How do you open the doors of an online business as quickly as possible?

The answer is easy: Keep It Simple!

And that’s exactly what Pam did with her new membership hub 'Declutter Your Life'. After branding it and making sure it was ready to accept payments, all that remained was to create a structure for her existing content:

  • Guest experts replay videos with some text content
  • A funnel to enroll new members.

The most simple way to create an engaging and effective guest experts library is to use the traditional ‘Blog Posts’ feature (so often under-used). Then, with one click of a button, each post can be restricted to members-only.

Not only is the library simple to create but it is also easy for the users, aka the members, to navigate and find exactly the content they’re looking for. Add a carousel with the other guest experts to the footer of each guest expert's post, et voila, the effective and engaging membership hub is ready to accept users.

Very often, we over-complicate things, as I've seen so many times. In fact we could simplify the process and keep it super simple. Nothing is permanent - content can always be adjusted and modified later. As the membership hub grows, it will most likely go through many iterations.

There are so many more creative ways we can use the ‘Blog Post’ layout on a website platform. I’m curious to know how YOU would use it. Let me know in the comments below.

And stay tuned, the next one I’ll share could be a big 'a-ha' moment.

In the meantime, a big shoutout to Pam for launching her Membership Hub 'Declutter Your Life' with One simple & effective feature - a guest speaker library!

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