Transforming homes 1 Sq Ft at a time with Cynthia, the Declutter Queen
Declutter Queen

Transforming homes ONE Square Foot at a time with SMART Blogger Cynthia, the Declutter Queen

Transforming homes ONE Square Foot at a time with SMART Blogger Cynthia, the Declutter Queen

Do you ever walk into your home and wish for that “aha” feeling of calm and order? Meet Cynthia, the Declutter Queen, who turns that wish into a reality. As a professional organizer, Cynthia has a unique gift for creating calm from chaos, ensuring you never have to worry about what to do with your stuff again.

Her Philosophy:
“Life is lived easier when you do it one square foot at a time.”

It couldn’t be said any better.

There are three questions Cynthia gets asked quite often.

What does she do?

You might wonder, what exactly does a professional organizer do? Well, Cynthia puts things in order. Whether you need help setting up your home office, organizing a cluttered closet, or transforming your garage so you can finally park your car, Cynthia is your go-to person.

How does she work?

Cynthia’s approach is flexible and tailored to fit your needs. For instance, even as one of her clients was recovering from surgery and unable to stand or lift, she managed a garage transformation by sorting donations for charity and disposing of trash. If you prefer to work alongside her, she welcomes your company. But if you’d rather discuss a project and return to find it magically completed, she’s good with that too.

What makes her different?

Cynthia truly enjoys working with her clients, especially with tasks they can’t or don’t want to do. Her favorite part of any project is witnessing the excitement when everything is in its place and the job is complete. And thanks to her colleagues with specialty services, like hauling, Cynthia ensures a speedy and satisfying result. Clients are often surprised by how quickly she works, and the results?

Well, she lets those speak for themselves!

Cynthia’s website

Despite her busy schedule, Cynthia managed to get her online presence in order with the SMART Blog beta tester program I recently launched. In less than three weeks, she now has a new blog site that perfectly reflects her brand’s essence.

Cynthia’s brand colors, Caribbean Current and Coral Pink, are simply captivating. They draw you into the calming world of decluttering and organization. Her beautifully designed logo incorporates two feet in place of the letter “o’s” in “square foot organizing,” adding a personal touch to her brand.

Her blog content is evergreen, meaning it’s timeless and always relevant, aligning perfectly with her business model. And, just like every SMART Blog, she also has a way to grow her email list by offering an insightful eBook:

“Conquer Bad Habits and Establish New Ones to Become the Best YOU Can Be. 101 Ways to Break Bad Habits & Create Good Ones.”

Cynthia believes that breaking bad habits is about replacing them with better ones, and her FREE report & planner are designed to help you do just that.

Declutter Queen

If you’re wondering what’s next for Cynthia’s blog, soon, she’ll be adding a funnel, allowing her to promote it effortlessly across social media and other ways of her choice. That’s the beauty of blogging with a SMART Blog; it’s easy to start and even simpler to scale.

Ready to transform your home and life?
I invite you to visit Cynthia’s blog (The Declutter Queen) at

Congratulations, Cynthia, on your fantastic new blog! I wish you success in every square foot of your life!

Click here to discover Cynthia’s SMART Blog >>

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