Why SEO is so popular. Exploring a more effective Solution

Why SEO is so popular. Exploring a more effective Solution

May 8, 2024 ◊ By Georges Wansek

Why SEO is so popular. Exploring a more effective Solution

There’s a belief amongst blog and website owners that mastering SEO is the key to unlocking a flood of visitors to their sites. Visitors which, in return, will subscribe to their email list and purchase their products.

Despite betting on SEO as the ultimate solution, they find themselves still struggling to grow their audience. And they’re left asking if there’s a better way? Could there be a more effective path to their bottom line: email list growth, engagement and conversions?

But who dares to challenge SEO and ask the pivotal question: is there a superior alternative? In this article, I’m diving into this big dilemma to explore a solution that brings blog and website owners closer to the success they’re looking for.

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Why SEO is so popular

I’ve been helping bloggers, coaches and website owners build their online presence for years. There are two topics I see neck and neck when it comes to discussions around blogs or websites: SEO and monetization. What I’ve come to realize is that the desire to go all in with SEO is driven by the belief that SEO is the answer to bring traffic to their site. In return, that traffic will do one of two things: either sign up to their email list via a freebie they offer or make a purchase on their site.

So if the end result they’re looking for is to grow their email list and increase sales, why is SEO such a popular solution? Because SEO is free. It doesn’t really cost anything to optimize content for SEO and it’s fairly simple. So why not do it?

Now, I want to raise one important point here. I’m absolutely NOT advocating for anyone to disregard SEO all together. To the contrary, I’m a firm believer that we should incorporate a strong SEO strategy in our content creation. I also advocate to develop a SEO strategy early on in a blogging journey. However, one often misunderstood aspect of SEO is that it’s a long term strategy. In my opinion, playing the long game to solely rely on SEO return to grow an audience, build an email list, or monetize a blog or a website takes way too long.

Which brings me to this question:

Is there a better solution?

Before I answer, we should not discount the many advantages of SEO and other benefits of driving traffic to our blog or websites besides growing an audience.

However, solely for the purpose of growing an audience in the form of an email list, I believe there is a better solution than SEO.

It’s called a SLO (short for Self-Liquidating Offer) Funnel.

We may be getting too technical here, so let me break it down in layman’s terms. Here’s the simple process of a Self-Liquidating Offer (SLO):

  • You create a lead magnet, also known as a freebie or free resource.
  • You create a paid Facebook Ad Campaign to promote your freebie using Facebook Instant Form
  • Before you deliver the freebie to the instant form subscribers, you redirect them to a simple landing page with an enticing low-ticket offer

That’s it.

All you need is to have enough takers on your offer to cover the cost of the Facebook Ad Campaign. There are a couple of things you can do to make this process better and break even, but essentially, you just created a way to grow your audience in the form of an email list at no cost. This simple process becomes your List Building Machine.


Why is it better than SEO?

Because the results are immediate and scalable. You have full control on the process.

  • You get instant results: by turning on your Facebook Ad Campaign, you usually get new subscribers added to your email list within a few hours. It is that quick. Then, all you have to do is monitor and make adjustments to your campaign as necessary. It’s like a water faucet, turn it on and the water starts running. Imagine turning on your campaign and seeing new subscribers being added to your email list?
  • You control the entire process: you can turn it on and off as needed. If you don’t entirely recuperate your ad spent budget with your offer, you can tweak your offer or simply try another offer. OR, you might decide it’s worth investing a reasonable amount knowing that once you have established a relationship with your new subscribers, you will be able to present offers and serve them. AND, in some instances, you might even generate a profit right from the beginning.
  • You can scale your email list growth: your SEO result is what it is, there is not much you can do quickly to drive more traffic organically to your site and grow your email list. However, with an Ad campaign that pays for itself, you can simply increase your budget and scale. Think about turning on that water faucet and having water coming down that doesn’t cost you anything? Wouldn’t you want to turn that faucet on full force and beyond? That’s what the simple SLO Funnel process I described earlier allows you to do.

Doesn’t this process sound like a List Building Machine? It does to me!

And, isn’t it a much better solution than long-term SEO that may or may not generate sales?

In summary, why is SEO so popular and is there a better solution?

SEO is and will remain an important strategy that we should all implement with our blog and website content. It has always been and, from what I see, will continue to be extremely popular because (1) it doesn’t cost anything, and (2) many believe that it is the key to driving traffic to our blogs and websites. However, there’s another solution that yields better results much quicker. The solution is to combine paid ads (money out) with an offer (money in) into a simple and well-orchestrated process that effectively builds your email list.

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2 thoughts on “Why SEO is so popular. Exploring a more effective Solution”

  1. Agreed, 100%. You have outlined the SMART way to blog, Georges. I appreciate the way you outlined and made it simple.

    1. Georges Wansek

      I had never thought about it in these terms, but thank you, it really feels like a SMART way to blog. And who doesn’t like simple? Your SMART blog will soon be part of the blogging ecosystem, I can’t wait to see you launch it.

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