Why the best blogging tutorials may NOT be on YouTube
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Why the best blogging tutorials may NOT be on YouTube

April 10, 2024 ◊ By Georges Wansek

Why the best blogging tutorials may NOT be on YouTube

In today’s day and age, getting access to information and learning material has become easier than ever. And, if you are looking for blogging tutorials, all you have to do is open YouTube and you’ll find tons of videos on just about anything blog related.

In my opinion, YouTube tutorials can be super helpful when used with a basic knowledge of the topic at hands. For example, if you’ve been blogging for a while and already have basic knowledge about your blog site, then it can be helpful to research more advanced tutorials on YouTube. However, if you are an absolute beginner without any type of knowledge about blog or website platforms, diving into YouTube blogging tutorials to get your blog started will most likely lead you down a slippery path with many invisible obstacles. My experience and observation tells me that 9 out of 10 times, this is the BEST way to run into issues and frustrations later down the road.

I’ve heard and read sentences like these so many times from bloggers who created their site using YouTube videos that I don’t count anymore:

  • I started my site a while ago following tutorials on YouTube, but now it appears that I can’t do xyz…
  • My blog is on wordpress.com and I don’t seem to be able to expand it the way I would like to…
  • I followed videos on YouTube, but after I did the updates, my site didn’t look the same anymore, I don’t know why.
  • I started on my own with tutorials on YouTube, but at some point I wasn’t able to make changes or do updates. So I had to hire someone else to teach me how. It wasn't worth it.
  • I ended up just switching platforms, very frustrating.
  • My blog site is the result of watching YouTube tutorials, trial, error, frustration, and consultation with experts to fix it.
  • I’m trying to customize the sidebar for my individual blog post pages, but don't seem to be able to do it. I'm stuck.
  • For me, I’m not a WordPress blog expert so I’ve had to search YouTube to help me get certain things done. But now, I’m being told that because of how I did it, what I want to do can’t be done. So I'm just feeling SO defeated.

Most of the tutorials are NOT, and I insist when I say that, NOT ill-intended. As a matter of fact, it’s the opposite. They are created and posted on YouTube with good intentions. However, the best blogging tutorials may simply NOT be on YouTube. Here’s why!

7 reasons why the best blogging tutorials may NOT be on YouTube

#1: They are part of paid programs

Tutorials are simply training material, and some of the tutorials we find on YouTube are just teasers for more complete programs. Some important information or steps are purposely left out. The entire set of tutorials is usually part of a paid program not visible on YouTube.

#2: They require to be current

Some tutorials may be outdated and not relevant anymore. Anything tech related is always in constant evolution. This is definitely true for blogging platforms and if we are not careful enough, some of the tutorials on YouTube may not be the best to follow anymore. Here again, the most current and updated tutorials are usually part of paid programs.

#3: They are part of online courses

Most tutorials are usually applicable to a certain blog website configuration, which may not be the ones that will serve you best. This is a big one. A blog is nothing more than a website and most of the blogs are built using WordPress software. Without going into too many tech details, the software is just one of the pieces that make an entire blog site. AND, putting those pieces together is super critical to not only create a well-functioning blog site, but also to set it up for scalability down the road. Random tutorials simply cannot cover the full process. This requires multiple blogging tutorials in a specific sequence. That’s what we call an online course and one of the reasons those tutorials are usually NOT on YouTube.

#4: They are harder to vet

Anyone can post videos on YouTube, so it may be difficult to validate the expertise of the person posting a specific tutorial. This doesn’t mean that a tutorial isn’t good, but it may be hard to assess it by itself, especially when you are just starting out. How can you know for sure that the tutorial you are watching is one of the BEST blogging tutorials for what you are trying to learn or accomplish? Some creators chose to not publish their best tutorials on YouTube to keep them more exclusive.

#5: They require more time to create

Some blogging tutorials on YouTube are just long videos that need to be paused as you try to implement. These tutorials are not necessarily easy to follow along. They often don’t provide the best blogging tutorial experience. Creating in-depth step-by-step shorter training videos is more time-consuming and isn’t suited for free content on YouTube.

#6: They are ad and distraction free

YouTube videos contain ads and other distractions. Those distracting elements can definitely interrupt the learning process and some creators of high quality training materials chose NOT to publish their blogging tutorial videos on YouTube.

#7: They need to use language for a specific audience

Tech language/jargon can be complicated. This is another big reason why some of the best blogging tutorials are not necessarily on YouTube. Great complicated tech blogging tutorials should be broken down into short videos using language that is easier to understand for non-tech savvy beginners. Here again, these carefully crafted video tutorials are most often part of paid online courses and might be harder to find on YouTube.

In summary

The first stages of creating a blog site are probably the most critical parts of the blogging experience. Getting them right is crucial and usually makes the difference between an enjoyable blogging experience with a site that is scalable, versus a possible tech nightmare.

Although YouTube may seem like a logical go/to place to get started for many new bloggers, it is important to know that the best blogging tutorials may NOT be on YouTube. Having a clear understanding of the limitations associated with learning from YouTube videos and choosing alternative proven solutions instead will guarantee a more optimal blogging experience.

I may be biased, however my opinion is based on years of experience witnessing beginner bloggers frustrated with blog sites that:

  • are improperly configured,
  • have limited layout and design capabilities,
  • are not scalable as they would like to,
  • or require professional assistance to address tech issues that could have been prevented in the first place.

Curious what your thoughts are on this topic or what your experience has been with blogging tutorials. Leave a comment below.

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4 thoughts on “Why the best blogging tutorials may NOT be on YouTube”

  1. You are spot on, Georges, and I am inspired to gear up my blogging.

    The best way to learn how to blog is to blog consistently—creating the habit of blogging.

    1. Love to inspire. There are two parts about learning how to blog, first learning how to create a blog, which is more the topic of this article, then you are right, blogging consistently.
      What do you think is the next step to gear up your blogging?

  2. When I started my blog “back in the day” I didn’t even consider looking at Youtube. But since Youtube pops itself up every time you search for anything I can see why folks might think it was a good place to go for guidance. In answer to your question about next steps, the first thing that comes to mind for me is knowing your audience. Maybe that is step two, BEFORE blogging consistently. Just my two cents worth. Great thought provoking post as always Georges. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    1. YouTube is definitely a go-to place, the hard part sometimes is being able to sort through videos and assess them when looking for guidance. You’re right, it is better as a step two, however step one is the most critical, getting a blog site setup right. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Pam 😁.

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